The Company

GranzÖr provides wide range of High-Tech products and solutions in the areas of Renewable Energy (Solar Systems: Kilo Watts - roof to Mega watt, Telecom Infrastructure and Power), Energy audit, Power Quality Analysis, Efficiency and Process Integration/Optimisation. We provide complete engineering and turnkey solutions to our customers based on the need and requirements.

The demand for high quality products and services at very competitive prices is on the rise and GranzÖr aims at meeting the challenge with innovative, Quality products with cost-saving capabilities. We are pioneers in manufacturing and supply of products, services and solutions impacting the world. Our culture of “continuous innovation” in our products and solutions has been able to generate huge value for our customers so far,in terms of reduction in OPEX, CAPEX and SPACE resulting into direct impacts on their bottom-lines.

The business practices at GranzÖr lead to the triple bottom line ("TBL" or "3BL", and also known as "people, planet and profit" or "the three pillars"),which capture an expanded spectrum of values and criteria for measuring organizational (and societal) success viz. economic, ecological and social. As a result, this leads to high level of innovation, enhanced- value, minimal waste, increased safety, reduced environmental impact, high profitability and continuous investment in our manpower.

GranzÖr in one eye

  1. Head Quatered in New Delhi, India
  2. Branches in Mumbai, Allahabad, Satna, Jaipur and Chennai.
  3. Leading Infrastructure Service Provider with a clientele of over 50MW SPV
  4. Only company offering PINCH Technology services (Process Optimization) with several process track records.
  5. Provide Hybrid solutions to Telecom Towers for solarization.
  6. Partners with one of the most admired company in the field of renewables SunBD Portugal
  7. Extensive network of partnerships globally.
  8. CRISIL rated for empanelment with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India.
  9. ISO Certified
  10. Associated with PAN IIT in various renewable energy advisory and customized solutions.
  11. Provide unique Off Grid solutions to Rural Petrol Pumps.
  12. Many projects in “up and running” condition.