Energy Audits / ESCO

GranzÖr renders services in the field of energy efficient technologies and energy consulting i.e., development of individual solutions for energy costs reduction, modernization of existing energy supply systems, management of energy resources and energy audit).

Implementation of the full range of energy inspections of organizations and enterprises, with the aim to reduce energy costs upto 50% and to increase efficiency of resources usage:

Energy Audit

  1. Program description and recommendations development to increase the efficiency of the use of fuel-energy resources and reduction of expenses for fuel and energy supply.
  2. Complex energy investigations, industrial, housing objects of different kind (initial, periodic, priority investigation, local, express investigation).
  3. Energy investigation of power and heating economies, water supply system etc. of the company;
  4. Recommendations descriptions for re-equipping company with modern energy efficient equipment;
  5. Survey of the equipment technical condition, including survey by means of instrumentation;
  6. Development of the enterprise supply-demand balance;
  7. Development of energy saving programs and regional energy programs.