Solid Fuel Catalyst / Fitch Fuel Catalyst for all types of Liquid Fossil Fuels

After the fossil fuel leaves the refinery, it is subjected to attack by oxygen, ozone and microorganisms (bacteria, yeast and mold). All these factors degrade the fuel to make it a poorer product that prevents engine from performing at optimum level.

Keeping this in mind, GranzÖr has carefully selected this Catalyst which is the ONLY EPA Certified Solid State Catalyst in the world. This catalyst enhances the fuel combustion efficiency from 7 to 35 % depending on the applications.


  1. Operating life of 35000 to 50000 hrs. / 500,000 kilometers.
  2. It is a solid catalyst and does not mix with the fuel.
  3. It acts at the molecular level by changing the structure of the hydrocarbons.
  4. All the molecules falling in to non-combustion range of the fuel are converted to "combustion range" hydro carbons.
  5. It also keeps the fuel fresh.

Major Advantages:

  1. Maintenance free and does not require any modification in the system.
  2. Guaranteed for 35000 to 50000 hrs. of operation or 3.5 to 5 lacs of Kms.
  3. Works on all types of fuels viz. Petrol, Diesel, LPG, Furnace Oil, CNG and ATF.
  4. The product has been approved by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington, USA.
  5. Qualifies for claiming "Carbon Credit" in the Global Market
  6. Return on investment on DG sets is as low as 3 to 5 months, depending on usage hrs of DG.
  7. Does not affect the warranty/ guarantee of the equipment

Additional Benefits:

With the application of the catalyst, you have additional benefits as well:

  1. Reduced maintenance of the engine
  2. Minimized pollution levels through reduced emissions
  3. Higher power output
  4. Prolonged engine life