Solar KW size

India, with its excellent irradiance, has the opportunity to exploit Photovoltaic (PV) solar power to meet this challenge of onsite power generation. Coupled with a battery backup, PV systems are a viable and exciting alternative to reduce the correlation between power cost and total operating expenditure (OPEX), thereby providing a sustainable and reliable strategic solution to the fuel problem.

Our KW size solar solutions are both Grid Interactive and Off Grid type solutions. Grid Interactive solutions are given to customers who are in urban areas where electricity is amply available and they want to reduce the consumption load from Grid. While off grid solutions which are with Battery backup, are targeted to following types of users.

  1. Individual Homes
  2. Hospital and Nursing Homes
  3. Community Centers
  4. Institutes and Colleges
  5. Telecom
  6. Petrol Pumps

GranzÖr is “empanelled with MNRE” as “System Integrator” for all types of off-Grid systems. As such, all the Govt. subsidies can be directly claimed by GranzÖr and benefits passed on to the customers.