Solar Standalone System

A standalone solar PV system is not connected with the power grid and is designed to charge your battery bank via MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller, and supply power for various appliances and systems.

Standalone Solar Power Solutionare recommended for various sites where grid or DG sets are unavailable / Unattainable / Unreliable. This Solution is widely appreciated in rural areas and also where the ARPUs are needed to be higher.

Our technical objective has been to develop and design systems that:

  1. Are fully compliant with operational specifications.
  2. Realize major reduction of fuel consumption.
  3. Provide maximum cost effective approaches.
  4. Ensure 24/7 highly reliable quality power including redundancy.
  5. Fast response service and support.

These systems are configured for remote unattended operation with highly reliable power supply.